All methods of line painting are designed to be as durable as possible, this can removing existing markings difficult if the right methods are not used. Most commonly used method by road marking contractors would be to burn off the markings with a hot compressed air  thermo lance. It will remove most markings but the down sides would be it can damage the surface by blowing holes in it and it will produce some nasty fumes which can be quite distressing to nearby pedestrians or properties. At Spraymark we can offer our hydro removal unit which will remove all markings using clean water at ultra high pressure (UHP). It is a self-contained unit which uses a piece of high tech equipment to deliver the uhp water through a portable skater system , this keeps all the water and debris contained as the operator guides the self-propelled unit along. By adding hoses we can reach inaccessible areas some distance from the pump unit. Many local authorities are opting for the hydro removal method as it is a much more environmentally friendly option and the surface damage is kept to a minimum.

We also use the unit for removing rubber deposits on runways left by aircraft wheel touch downs, build up can result in a slippery surface so it is a important part of airfield maintenance and with a fully adjustable pressure range we don’t do any damage to the grooved runway.

We can also use for surface preparation and surface texturing.





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