We would most commonly use our traffic paint products on concrete surfaces at distribution centres, airports and delivery yards. Most commonly used would be the single pack epoxy product because it has good durability, good range of colours and quick drying time (20min touch dry).


We also use two pack epoxy paints and water based paints for specific jobs on request. They are all excellent products when used on the correct job type and surface.. the key to doing a good paint job is the preparation of the surface , whether it’s just blowing dust off old lines or grinding a polished concrete floor to create a good key the time must be taken to do it correctly.


Our paints can also come with anti-slip properties with fine aggregates mixed in the paint leaving the product with a abrasive finish to create good SRV (skid resistance value) under feet.


If it’s very high durability, fantastic colours, high SRV and high reflectivity then it the MMA cold plastic products we can provide that you are after. When applied correctly with good preparation there isn’t much out there that can compete with the listed properties above.

Reports suggest that MMA products can last up to 4 time longer than thermoplastic products so it can be cost effective and with the popularity increasing all the time its clear this is starting to be proven over time.


We have used the anti-skid products for creating traction on FLT loading ramps at a large distribution centre.

We have used the bright colours to demarcate electric vehicle charging bays.


As the name suggests, as it’s a cold plastic we do not require our wagons and boilers to mix the products, we just mix the product with a special activator with sets the hardening process off. Once we have applied the product it can usually be opened within 30mins to traffic or pedestrians.

At spraymark we can advise on the correct product and preparation type for your job requirements.




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